Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Debbie Does the El Portal

Debbie Reynolds is one hot mama at 76 years old! She not only has the gams to prove it, she is as hilarious as all get out and has enough warmth to spread the entire planet with sunshine. The audience was eating out of her hand for the full 90 minute set. With great songs: "From This Moment On", "That's Life!", "Falling In Love Is Wonderful", a Judy Garland medley and Debbie's signature hit "Tammy", impressions of Katie Hepburn, Zsa Zsa and Barbra Streisand (BS) - this one, no one does better than Debbie, even the singing; sorry, Jim Bailey - and film clips from her musical films, to which Deb sang & danced along joyously, and clips of Carrie and Todd as kids, the show was cookin', no, smokin'. There were even fab out-takes from old stars like Jimmy Stewart, Bette Davis and Bogie - these are priceless and going into her new museum in Pigeon Fork, Tennessee next spring! Best of luck with that; Hollywood sure missed the boat!
Debbie loves what she does from the bottom of her heart and she loves her audiences. God bless her and may she never retire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Her show runs at the El Portal until July 20 only; don't miss it!


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