Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Chaperone - Drowsier than ever!!!!!!!

The Ahmanson's Drowsy Chaperone is better than ever! Jonathan Crombie as the narrator engaged me from start to finish. His portrayal is a tad more gay than the original (creator Bob Martin), but pleasantly giddy and such fun. He's added so much more onstage business to the character that he's a whole show all by himself!
The entire cast, including the delightful Georgia Engel, deserve the highest praise. When I first reviewed the show for reviewplays 3 years ago, I liked it, but now after multiple honings and rewrites and changes, it's superb! A musical within a comedy - unique, silly - silly is good - and those dance numbers -WOWSERS!!!!!! Where was that Tony for Best Musical!?


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