Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Being Jake Unterweger

It was a rare treat to see actor John Malkovich live onstage in a unique multimedia production entitled Seduction and Despair as Austrian serial killer Jake Unterweger this past Sunday, May 4 in Santa Monica (played 2 performances only Sat & Sun). Despair was part of the Musica Angelica Baroque Orchestra season. Malkovich delivered yet another deliciously 'icy calm' portrayal, this time of the true-to-life madman/journalist/poet who helped LA police track down murder suspects in the red light district in 1990, as he - without their suspicions - continued his killing spree, by strangling 3 prostitutes with their bras. Malkovich tintillated, shocked and thoroughly engaged the packed houses, as he reenacted, among other things, the crimes. At one point the ever playful actor picked up a flower, and it was amazing fun to witness the dozen or so different things that he did with it over the coarse of a scene. The orchestra under the baton of Martin Haselbock, was magnificent and the two sopranos - Celine Ricci and Robin Johannsen - simply divine! Mr. M directed as well as starred and if he stages the piece again (and I am sure that he will-most likely in New York) don't miss it!


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