Sunday, April 6, 2008

April/No Time to Mourn

My friend James Albright, actor/ dancer/writer/costumer and owner of the Haunted Studios on Chandler in NoHo, passed away on March 28 peacably in his sleep. I am reminded of the time I first met James in 2002 when he dressed me as Saint Patrick for a play at the Bitter Truth. I was so taken by the eccentricities of Gilbert Costumes and of the man himself, that I felt the need to do an interview with him shortly thereafter for Valley Scene Magazine, for which I was theatre editor at the time. He was a genuine free spirit and compared himself to Peter Pan. He was a great movie buff - adored the glamour queens like Rita Hayworth and Greta Garbo, and we shared some marvelous stories whenever we attended the theatre together. I am happy to have known you, James, for your meanspiritedness & bizarre sense of humor - you made me laugh a lot! Godspeed!!!! You have surely found a better place -if not NeverNeverLand, then somewhere just as delightfully & everlastingly gay, no doubt!


Blogger Lilli Blue said...

Bye Bye James. You were weird and wonderful. After a night of telling stories about you I googled you and found this nice tribute. Thanks for writing it. He was for sure one of a kind.

December 7, 2012 at 9:40 PM  

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