Tuesday, August 10, 2010

RED HOT CDs Too HOT To Handle

Singer/musician extraordinaire Corky Hale plays a heavenly harp and also sings and plays piano along with guest artists Sally Kellerman ("Ive Got a Crush on You"), Freda Payne (a divine "Alfie"), Tricia Tahara ("My Romance"), Ariana Savalas, and Brenna Whitaker on Corky Hale and friends...I'm Glad There Is You. Hale sounds like a young Ella Fitzgerald ("The More I See You") and all six women work magically on some truly great standards. OK, it's mellow... it's oh so pretty...it's easy listening... it's one terrific album!

Chris Pendleton and her funny fiddle are simply HI...larious! Reigning from South Carolina, this gal is about as downhome as you can get...think a southern Roseanne with fried chicken and grits...and sparks will fly! She jokes about southern hospitality including August humidity, the single life, about the incompatibility of two people in marriage, about kids...and she plays the violin...beautifully...and sings too! Maybe she's the female Jack Benny? Lovely renditions of "Silverwells/Ashakan Farewell", "Bluegrass in the Backwoods", "Calypso Reel" and an entire comedy segment of Songs You Don't Want to Hear Played on Violin - like "Wipeout" and all those crazy TV themes + a screamingly funny takeoff of "Yesterday" bemoaning weight gain, that most everyone can relate to. It's one-of-a-kind fun that you should add to your collection.

Fans of Broadway stage and TV comic actress Vicki Lewis will be amazed at her tremendous range in her latest solo album East of Midnight. Mostly original compositions from Lewis take you on a dark journey of the mind with the very personal "Tender Andy", the strangely melodic "Gold In Them There Hills", "For the Love of Esme" and Aretha Franklin's tortured "Baby, Baby, Baby". Lewis sings these torchy ballads with a rich velvety delivery reminiscent of Bette Midler - a truly great sound. This is but another strong facet of this lady's talent that you do not want to miss!
Ray Jessel - senior-aged comedy songwriting genius - Naughty or Nice
Danny Guerrero - solo piano & jazz ballads - 'Round Midnight
Matt Zarley - hot popular original love ballads from one hot singer/composer - Here I Am
Most of the above CDs are available for purchase at
or at the performer's own website. Google them and order now!


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