Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Ovation comments

With my own year-end List of Bests quickly approaching - 2 months to be exact - I am pleased to see many noms that will be on my list as well.
But I am horrified if Anita Bryant Died For Your Sins (West Coast Ensemble) was overlooked. It did open in August, so I believe was eligible. If this is the case, what a travesty!!! Like Chris Pine (Farragut North) is hands down the Best Nonmusical Performance of the Year and Leslie Uggams (Stormy Weather) is the Best Musical Performance, Anita is by far the Best Production of a Play. Go see for yourselves! I rest my case.
I hate awards - always have - because: somehow one, two or more of the most deserving for some idiotic reason miss out. I am tired of hearing that there are too many Waiver productions for Ovation voters to cover. This type of error would never occur in New York where the theatre receives much more RESPECT.


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