Tuesday, July 7, 2009

a few words about Michael Mann's film Public Enemies

I rarely devote time/space to writing about films, but when I am moved to the extreme, I make an exception. And... I was blown away by the pulse of Michael Mann's thrilling Public Enemies. When actors state that a movie is the director's medium, this is the perfect example. Mann's pace, amazing camera work and clearly delineated and focused performances leave a lasting impression. Depp proves once again that he is just about our greatest living actor.
The final scene with Marion Cotillard as Billie hearing Dillinger's last words, "Tell Billie: Bye, bye, blackbird!" reduced me to tears.
I will stick my neck out and say that this picture, director, and its star will be big winners for 2010.
Oh, did I mention that The Untouchables was one of my favorite TV series during my teen years? This whole era of the 30s defined American culture and produced incomparable folk heroes/icons. Unfortunately, crime in America has always proved big business and undeniable success for its perpetrators. I'm forced to... eat my words when I frequently say how very much I hate violence in any shape or form. Like most Americans, I need to stop and think about what
really turns me on and why. Moi, hypocritical...?!?


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