Saturday, April 4, 2009

Palm Springs Revisited - Follies & Jeff Trachta Live!

Jeff Trachta & yours truly after a performance of Jeff Trachta Live!

John Davidson & yours truly after a performance of The Palm Springs Follies. Forever young: Davidson, that is!!
The Fabulous Palm Springs Follies
This is my second visit this season to the Follies for Get Your Kicks on Route 66. It's one of their best shows thus far. Terrific toe-tapping, gorgeous costumes, and dynamic guest stars truly make a difference. First up last fall it was glamorous Freda Payne, followed by another beauty Susan Anton (who will return for the final week of May - and will open next year's season from October to December 31, 2009) - and now forever boyish John Davidson. As charming as all get-out at 68, Davidson woos the ladies in the audience with his love songs (also the title of his newest CD) and seductive banter. His energy onstage is dynamite, and with or without his banjo, he can still croon a tune! Kudos also to Sammy King and Francisco, who, by the way, are presenting their farewell performance this year. What a classic comedy act! Also praise to the adorable Russian poodles with Irina Markova. Added since I last saw the show is a fabulous second act salute to Broadway with "Lullaby of Broadway" and the title song from 42nd. Street. It's a knockout! Leonard Crofoot, Randy Doney, Judy Bell and the oldest living showgirl Dorothy Kloss, now 85 - and what gams! - are but a few of my very favorite Follies' guys and gals.
Don't miss this extravaganza through May 17!
5 out of 5 stars
Jeff Trachta Live!
What more can I say about Jeff Trachta? He was my Entertainer of the Year for 2008 and continues to be in 2009. His show is sold out every weekend at the Spa Resort Casino. This man is a super talent: he can sing, he is funny, and does one of the best impressions of George Burns I've ever heard. His multi-screen backdrop of backup singers - that are all played by Trachta - works so terrifically throughout the one-hour show. The Justin Timberlake number, now in brown leather jacket, really rocks!
Jeff, you are a truly amazing performer and bring such joy to your audience. Like fine wine, you keep getting better and better - and... you're not too shabby on the eyes either!
5 out of 5 stars
PS See my latest interview with Jeff Trachta @ Grigware Interviews.


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