Sunday, November 9, 2008

Adam Simmons charming after his show at Sterling's

Adam Simmons greeted one and all, including yours truly, who had the good fortune to be seated with my friend Jose Ruiz, next to Simmons' biological father and half-brother visiting from North Carolina. At one point during the performance, his father leaned forward and tapped me on the shoulder inquiring, "Do you know if Adam wrote all of this himself?" We were all impressed with the intelligence and tremendous effort of the piece, but I would have been happier to just hear him sing.

After redoing my old interview with Simmons, I am reminded how ambitious he was then ... and still is. To thrust oneself into the cabaret scene with a daring display such as
Life, I have to applaud his endeavor. He is a grande risk-taker.

See my review below and a 2005 interview I did with Simmons @


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