Saturday, October 4, 2008

Review - Bush Is Bad 2


Bush is Bad:
Alaskan Beauty Queen Edition
concept, music and lyrics by Joshua Rosenblum
directed by Jay Willick and James J. Mellon
NoHo Arts Center Ensemble (NoHo Ace)
through November 2
For anyone with half a brain, Das Bush Ist Schlect. With no prior knowledge of German, I think you get the message. As I get older - and wiser? - I become increasingly irritated with those who see the good in someone who is so obviously moronic, self-absorbed, downright delusional and irresponsible. I know some children under 5 years that have more common sense than the President - why do we tolerate it? - of the United States, who will not even admit to our failing economy. I guess what my parents taught me is true - the rich worship the money in their pockets. NoHo Ace, formerly known as Open at the Top Productions, bring back their gigantic and irreverant smash musical revue Bush Is Bad for one month only. Not since the 70s and Let My People Come, Calcutta and Hair, have I been so engaged in a political sendup. It's shameful, and to a few, maybe somewhat inappropriate... and - deliciously right on target.
I will not spoil the fun by giving away too many details, but the latest incarnation has two added musical takeoffs - one of Sarah Palin, of course toting a gun and the other on John McCain. If you enjoyed the musical Jekyll and Hyde, you'll love McCain and Bush dueling it out, especially enacted by Roger Ainslie. A cute and cuddly Michael J. Fox, he is so terrifically magnetic and charming as Bush, he almost won me over. I was forced to remind myself, "This is not Bush but an actor; he's Roger Ainslie portraying Bush!" I'd support Ainslie for office, but Bush,
The rest of the cast is equally alluring: versatile Jonathan Zenz, Curtis C, hilarious as Condolisa Rice, Kathryn Percival, who lends a fresh, feminist perspective to the face of God, Stefanie Black terrif as Palin among others, and pretty Sabrina Miller. All six knock the satire out of the park. It's risky, ballsy material performed with enough wit and style to entertain a Republican. Even my grandmother, a staunch Republican to the end, would sit up in her grave with a disarming grin!
5 out of 5 stars


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